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Hrishita Bhatt Hot Pics

Hrishita Bhatt

Hrishita Bhatt Bengali born May 10, 1981, in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. She was taking dance lessons as a child thinks, sports and fit into the school year.

She wanted to become a pilot too, but after completing her education at Trinity College in London, is Kathak lessons from choreographer Shiamak Davar model and a few problems, her successful audition for an ad campaign Liril. elected and Liril girl with a sweet smile.

Her charisma and presence on the screen in the video-Aryans "their popularity, adding that it was recommended by a close family friend of Bachchan media leading role in Shararat (2002), Abhishek Bachchan," no "Her beautiful face and body was discovered, and. She received an immediate offer role in the historical drama Asoka (2001), Shahrukh Khan, although she was released last year in the first.

And she has Pyar Vyar Dil Vilyu (2002) Out of Control (2003), Haasil (2003) Charas: collective (2004), Ab So Chhappan (2004), Kisna: Warrior Paet (2005), Sub Ka Required courses: Happy Young Traveler (2006), Jigyaasa (2006), Ankahee (2006). She also starred in Kannada and Bengali language film by Raju Mukherjee. During this time she changed the spelling of her name Hrishitaa.

She retired in partnership with many famous stars of Indian Abhishek Bachchan, right, Ritesh Deshmukh, Emraan Hashmi, Vivek Oberoi, Jimmy Shergill, Shahrukh Khan and Madhavan, among others. In 2007 she was cast in a movie called "Friends Forever", opposite Ashmit Patel.

She speak Hindi, English and Bengali.

One of the hottest model, Bollywood actress was a dream debut Shahrukh Khan in "Asoka". But never was a huge box hit, the creation and stabilized in music, where the very few actresses. Hrishita also a victim of Shahid Kapoor, where she was on her cell phone provider. It can also dream of a happy marriage with her, but for unknown reasons, they were broken relationship. This can be an unpopular actress, but her lips kissed Jiggyasa sequence song was very popular. Some of her hot bikini models, hot costume photos.
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