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Sagarika Ghatge Hot Photos

Sagarika Ghatge on the ability to see how she came to hockey movie Chak De India.

Born January 8, 1986 in Kolhapur, Maharashtra, India. Her father, Vijay Ghatge, the release of a film and Shobhayatra Ganuraya. She had the school and the college Chatrapathi Shahu Azhmer Mayo Razhasthan.

She landed a role as Preethi in Chak De India (2007), involved Shah Rukh Khan as hockey coach. Since its inception, and businessman Athletic, they are busy with sports brand Reebok, their interests represented.

After completing the course in Kishore Namit Kapoor Acting Institute Ghatge has had two films for release Raftaar 24z7 (2009) with Emraan Hashmi and Deepak Tijori Fox (2009) with Arjun Rampal.
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How to Kiss Passionately
Step 1: Preparation

Check breathing. If you kiss someone for the first time, strong foods like onions to avoid garlic or strong flavors, of course, if your partner is out in the same food. Should you have any doubts about your breath, sucking the breath mint. But remember that this survey before you start kissing, or your partner will be very surprised, especially if they do not want currency.

Step 2: Make sure you

Nothing ruins a kiss more than uncertainty. This confidence is important, how difficult it is for the first kiss to get, it will be difficult to get one after a failed attempt. Once you decide that you kiss someone, choose the time and go for it.

Step 3: oral

It is best to start with a simple. If it feels right, tilt head slightly to one side of a collision with a nose, thin lips to prevent, and then on the lips partner, quietly so as not to the teeth arrangements. If you still kick your teeth accidentally, just kissing.

Change the amount you open your mouth, and the rhythm of your kisses. If you prefer, you can use the tip of the tongue.

Step 4: Advanced Techniques

This style of kissing was not the French, although it is probably pretty good. It's about a kiss, when you sit deep in his mouth, tongue, the other person around. It is perhaps best defined by what not to do. You should try to avoid aggressive tongue curled like electric eel catch in the network, but must not allow the entire tongue go completely limp and floppy. If it feels right, you probably do it. How to create a progressive kissing, you can go to the neck. Kissing and nibbling the neck is quite acceptable when snogging and reason for a period of tightening.
And like the red bite marks on the skin, usually the neck or shoulders, caused by excessive mouth sucking on the skin. It depends on your point of view, beautiful memory of the kiss session or a repulsive and embarrassing bite. It is best to consider giving or receiving love bite with your partner before you alone.

Step 5: What to do with the rest of your body

It really depends on you. There are many things you can do to make a coast to increase, you can hold or stroke your partner's back, running his fingers in his hair, or feel other parts of their body.Who know where it might lead .. . .. Bravo, now you are passionately kissing someone for the first time .....

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