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Lovely Kiss

"Kiss lovely trick designed by nature to stop speech when words become superfluous Ingrid Bergman.
I wonder how these things begin to Smoochy, I'm not surprised that the French, who has accepted a kiss love signal in the 6th century. Of course, the figures in the fashion and dance to the end of each dance resolved with a kiss.

For centuries, give kisses endless material for artists and record books. Celebrated in numerous songs and memories born hit a stone, a statue of erotic "Kiss". For many of the most memorable photographic sailor planting a kiss a girl's lips during the celebration in Times Square in 1945.

The longest kiss in the movie is one of Jane Wyman and Regis Tommy in 1941 film "You are now in the army. It takes 3 minutes and 5 seconds more episode. At the time, compared to the 130 hours and 2 minutes positive position Bobbi Sherlock and Ray Blazine during kissathon marathon in 1978.

But kissing is not only loved ones to keep. A kiss is a ritual of greeting and a sign of respect for centuries. Coast of the tsar was regarded as the highest form of respect. A Roman emperor appointed a special pillow to place, depending on their social status. Princes are allowed to hug her lips to his lips, less important visitors, the hands and lips to clean, low balance had to be bent and kissed his feet.

First aid for the implementation of the coast of the life and Mafia Dons to give "kiss of death". People kiss their pets and pictures of their loved ones. off the mother of his children, Kirk and Michael have shown, parents sometimes kiss their sons. My friend who my father was greeted with a gentle kiss on the lips, which made me believe that sensual kiss a survivor can be! And people are not only the recipients of the cushion. ring of the Pope and the Blarney Stone come to an appropriate part of the mouth action.

Wall kissing is a natural form of greeting between Arab and Mediterranean heterosexual men. English and Scottish only with a kiss, as a general greeting and often are not sure whether the men should do for the men or how many kisses are acceptable. Other cultures have well-defined protocols cushion. French one on both sides of the cheeks, while the demand for the Dutch three. Lipstick filled with Hollywood stars and at home, lunch perfection the art of kissing the air in the cheeks, as they whisper "mwoah mwoah.

Most of us remember our first romantic kiss. Pass while the postman beat play, which is not satisfied that the "victory" twice. Andrew wrinkled her nose and let her in the mouth and attacked my lips, like a mosquito in heat, so soon as the kiss of all time is detected. Bar, on the other hand, a strict gag called talking tongue action kiss my throat, wondering if ever again air bladder. Both are among their customers terror.

Romantic kiss to second nature for some, but not all are natural cushion. Unfortunately, in his youth, as Barry and Andrew did not have access to many "how to kiss" of the material already available on the Internet.

According to a website dedicated to the art of fresh air kisses, wet lips, mouth open and eyes closed, are important elements of a successful seizure. If a 16-step guide to kiss, the site offers advice to the French coast surprise kiss kiss marathon, boiled-sweet kiss, kiss and suck as a whole is much more It is not suitable for mention in this post!

If you meet someone who knows how to kiss, I was putty in his hands. At home, when I was the one who kisses, and not an introduction to, but most of the decisions of the love, hang on, especially if he continues then kiss! See, to take into account. Learn to kiss and your chances of a horse without a Saturday night with a game or a boy to be significantly improved.

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