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Udita Goswamy Very Hot Pics

Udita Goswami was born in Assam, India, September 2, 1984. Her growing years in Dehra Dun.ShHe studied in DAV Public School upto eighth grade.

Standing on 5’8”, she is naturally as a model. She walks ramp for leading designers like Suneet Verma and Tarun Tahilyani of what we've seen in ads as "Pepsi", "Titan" and Nokia. She is a girl with covers, Cosmopolitan, Elle and Femina.

She won the MTV Model Mission 2 Model and Asia in 2001.

Udita is currently dating director Mohit Suri.

Udita Goswami Movies
A debut in 2003 with Pooja Bhatt’s Paap as Kaya a Buddhist girl whose life is thrown into confusion when she falls in love. She was cast opposite John Abraham. It is no coincidence, but brought her much attention.

2005 The second film Mohit Y Suri’s Zeher, a remake of the timeless. The film also stars Emraan Hashmi and Shamita Shetty and moderate success. She plays Anna, scheming woman.

2006 she partnered with her roles in Zeher Emraan Hashmi aksar, which became a hit.

Aggar 2007 to Tusshar Kapur Shreyas Talpade and went unnoticed.

2009 she participated in Sunny Deol Man star Shilpa Shetty and Hello India, Akshay Kumar and Preity Zinta.
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